20 dollars was enough to burn America

The Power of 20 dollars

– Twenty dollars paid by George_Floyd of African descent to a shopkeeper.

– The shop owner questioned the originality of twenty dollars, called the police, accusing Floyd of giving him a false paper, the police came immediately, and the catastrophe that swept across America took place from her east to west

– George Floyd died of suffocation under the knee of a white policeman screaming

– America was burnt, the store was burnt, and it was later revealed that the banknote was original and not false , as the shop owner claimed.

– $ 20 may be sufficient for the end of the largest economic and military power in the world. All trillions, or even millions of trillions, which they confiscated and looted from the peoples of the earth did not stand up to a single sheet of twenty dollars.

History will remember this one day

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