200 days of Amaravati protests: Naidu vows to continue fight

AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday asserted that the Amaravati Capital City farmers came up voluntarily to contribute their hard-earned 33,000 acres of land as part of pooling for the noble objective helping the State.

He said the farmers’ gesture was lauded by many as a one-of-its-kind initiative in the Country. The 3-Capitals idea was flawed and seemed entrenched in the whims and fancies of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Naidu said history would be proof that no country or state has ever prospered by dividing regions or people. Amaravati is an idea that was born out of the pangs of unjust bifurcation. It was envisioned to unite Telugus and be the building block of a powerful AP. “We only had our will, our manpower and the intellectual capital of our people, and we worked hard to build a self-financing Capital that generated jobs for the residents and strengthened the economy with generous tax contributions owing to economic activity,” he said.

A day ahead of Capital City protests completing 200 days on Saturday, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu ran a hashtag campaign under the title – #200DaysOfAmaravatiProtests. He said that with the outbreak of Coronavirus, the shifting move will only seem inappropriate and ill-timed considering the plunging industrial and agricultural output. Also, there were problems of rapidly rising unemployment, and failing healthcare systems.

Naidu said that tomorrow will mark the completion of 200 days of Amaravati protests. On this occasion, he would like to salute the indomitable spirit of thousands of farmers who have chosen the path of protest to not let the authoritarian Government put the future of the State at risk.

The fight will continue and the Telugu Desam will march shoulder to shoulder with the protesting farmers until Amaravati is reinstated as the only Capital just as the Chief Minister promised in the assembly when he was in the Opposition.

Naidu slammed the Jagan Reddy Government for launching a vindictive campaign against the BC leaders of TDP by implicating them in murder cases after having used falce ACB, atrocities and Nirbhaya cases. False case was filed against Atchannaidu and SC, ST atrocities case was filed against Yanamala Ramakrishnudu. Nirbhaya case was filed against Ayyanna Pathrudu. YCP Ministers attacked Beeda Ravichandra on the floor of Legislative Council. Now, murder case was slapped on another BC leader Kollu Ravindra.

The TDP chief deplored that the YCP leaders’ habit was to indulge in murder politics but now they were implicating the TDP leaders in those murky and shady activities only with a vengeance against the TDP. It is a fact that the BCs would remain the backbone of the TDP. For this reason, the BC leaders were being ruthlessly suppressed and oppressed. Jagan Reddy would have to pay a heavy penalty for this in future and the TDP would stand behind the BC leaders in this hour of crisis.

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