Main intention is Brahmin welfare schemes should be reach to every Brahmin door steps: Jitender Rao

Hyderabad, Oct 30::National General Secretary of the Press and Media Unit Tanugula Jitender Rao said that in his Media statement on Friday Among in Brahmins caste Arthakus Vedic Delegates Karanas Madvas Different... Read more »


👉5D 5D (5 DRUGS for 5 DAYS) 1. IVERMECTIN 12mg OD 5 days 2. DOXYCYLINE 100mg BD 5 days 3. ZINC 50 mg OD 5 days 4. MONTEK-LC OD 8pm 5 days... Read more »
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Aster Prime Hospitals has introduced special weight loss packages

In order to focus on Over Weight and Obesity that is said to be playing a key role in acquiring various life style diseases, Aster Prime Hospitals at Ameerpet has introduced special... Read more »

Do anyone in India know this piece of history?

Answer must be a firm “No” from most of us! Now please read on. Remembered in Japan, forgotten in India…….. The day was 12 November, 1948. Tokyo Trials are going on in... Read more »

What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables”

If the common man belonging to the servile classes in India is today so fallen, so degraded, so devoid of hope or ambition, it is entirely due to the Brahmins and their... Read more »

Dubaka Assembly seat should be given as a gift to Sonia Gandhi who has given Telangana.MRR

Hyderabad, Oct 28::TPCC spokesperson Mogulla Rajireddy held a house-to-house campaign in Makharajpeta village in Chegunta Mandal on Wednesday as part of the Dubaka bye-election campaign. Speaking on the occasion, TPCC spokesperson Mogulla... Read more »

Congress will win in Dubbaka People are ready to teach a lesson to TRS: Gudur

Hyderabad, October 28::Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy on Wednesday said that Congress would win the bye-election in Dubbaka Assembly Constituency with the support of the Dubbaka voters. In a... Read more »

Loans should extend the EMI Maritime Realm by one year until financial progress is consolidate Tanugula Jitender Rao

Unity of Press andMedia National General Secretary Tanugula Jitender Rao said the loans should be extended for one year till financial progress is achieved. Speaking on the occasion, Jitender Rao said that... Read more »

“I will not have a stroke.” Take a stand. Make small changes to improve your brain function and prevent stroke

Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and more people die because of stroke than because of other diseases put together. However, the heaviest burden incurred by stroke is not... Read more »

Vijayashanti has been away from Congress party for a long time…. Vijaya Shanti is in Dilemma?

Hyderabad,Oct27::It is rumored that Union Minister Kishan Reddy had a discussion with former MP and film actress Vijayashanti. The talks have gained political prominence in the wake of the Dubaka by-election. She... Read more »