250 Muslims convert to Hinduism in Haryana

Hisar: Over 250 members of 40 Muslim families converted to Hinduism in Bidhmira Village of Haryana State.

After changing the religion, they performed the last rites of an 80-year-old woman as per Hindu customs.

Satbir who is one of the persons who have converted to Hinduism said that after the death of his mother Phooli Devi, Muslim families of the village decided to convert to Hinduism and perform the deceased’s last rite as per Hindu customs as they lead their lives as per Hindu customs. However, before conversion, they used to perform last rites as per Muslim customs.

Ancestor embraced Islam during Mughal rule: Satbir
He also claimed that his ancestor embraced Islam during the time of Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.

Earlier, around 35 members of six Muslim families had converted to Hinduism in Danoda Kalan Village of Jind City, Haryana.

They converted to claim reservation benefits: Harfool Khan
Meanwhile, Muslim Welfare Organization state president Harfool Khan Bhatti said that in Danoda Kalan Village, people converted to Hinduism to claim the reservation benefit provided to SCs.

Although Doom caste falls under the SC category, Muslims and Christians of this caste can’t claim the reservation benefit.

Bhatti also cited an example of Mohammad Siddiqui case. Siddiqui was elected as an MLA from the reserved seat of Ludhiana. When the matter reached to SC, the MLA claimed that he is a Mazhabi Sikh.

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