64 Foreign Tabhligis Arrested in Bhopal Amid Covid 19 Fears

Bhopal, May 16 : Bhopal Police have arrested 64 Foreign Tabligh Jamaat Members for Violating Foreginers Act and Indian Penal Code also. According to Police, those were participated in various religious programmes in bhopal during lockdown. Earlier Seven Cases were registered against them in various police stations in bhopal.

Earlier, Tabhligi Jamaat had hit headlines over a religious congregation held at markaz nizamuddin in new delhi in this march.

Many Covid 19 cases were registered while tablighi jamaat members travelled back to their home places. However it is not clear these foreigners had attended the delhi event or not.

Officials says that the cases were registered against them in bhopal for violating visa norms under foreigners act. They had come to India on tourist visas and can’t participate in religious activities.

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