A few dialogues of the drama Ertugrul

A few dialogues of the drama Ertugrul

1. If you allow the enemy to keep not only your homeland but also a piece of stone, then misery will befall us.
2. The strength of our enemy is a symbol of our bravery.
3. He who has no dream has no future.
4. If we thunder today, the whole Islamic world will fall. As long as we are firmly committed to our beliefs and traditions, our heads will not bow and the Islamic flag will not fall.
5. As long as we follow the path of Allah, no one can bring us to our knees.
6. If your heart is pure and pure, no evil force in the world can surround you.
7. There is no sword better than Zulfiqar and no braver on earth than Ali.
8. The real hero is the one who falls and rises.
9. There are two powers, one is the sword and the other is the intellect. To date, no sword has been invented that can defeat reason.
10 I am not afraid of death but that last breath became haraam for me before I surrendered.
11. Stories of our morals are told not to awaken children but to awaken men.
12 Wherever a person goes, his pain reaches first.
13. Betrayal and deception are preferred to death over success.
14. My Lord will never leave the righteous alone.
5. We will either become conquerors or martyrs, but the sound of our swords will be punished for thousands of years.
16. Disappointment is forbidden to us. We are commanded not to despair of Allah’s mercy
17. If we wear the bracelets of cowardice today out of fear, our generations will be cut off from the oppressors.
18. Even if the whole world becomes oppressor, we are not afraid of oppression.
19 Don’t try to ride a horse you can’t control.
20 The sword is in the hand of the man who knows how to wield it.
21. I will not forgive a traitor even if he is my brother.
22 I will protect the oppressed even if they are my enemies.
23. We will reveal what is in our hearts with our words and death.
24. If the whole universe is against you in the way of truth, then believe that Allah is with you.

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