a global embroidery project called the Red Dress Project…. A beautiful example of synthesis and integration

In 2009 British artist Kristie Macleod with seed capital from the British Council, embarked upon a global embroidery project called the Red Dress Project. Between 2009 and 2019 the dress travelled the globe being continuously embroidered  by over 120 artisans. The embroiderers include refugees in Palestine, victims of civil war in Kosovo, Rwanda and DR Congo, individuals in South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Paris, Sweden and Peru, upmarket studios in Bombay and Saudi Arabia, artists in Wales and Colombia alongside initiatives to support women in poverty such as Missibaba in Cape Town, South Africa, and FanSina working with Bedouin embroiderers based in the mountains above St Catherine’s in Egypt’s Sinai.     This is both an extraordinary work of collective art and profound and eloquent social commentary. It is also an example of how potent the Attire language is capable of becoming.

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