A state wide hunger strike June 16 Solidarity with artisans :Dasu

Hyderabad, June 14::TS Government should pay 20 thousand Corona Crisis fund to Handicraft artisans

A statewide hunger strike June 16 in solidarity with artisansDasu Suresh – BC State Working President, National BC Welfare Association said

At a press conference chaired by senior senior leaders of the district at Karimnagar Press Club, Dasu Suresh demanded that the government of Telangana should provide financial assistance to Handcraft artisans

Dasu Suresh said the National BC Welfare Association President R Krishnaiah has called for a state-wide hunger strike on July 16, demanding financial assistance of Rs 20,000 for each family in the event of corona which badly affected the lives of Artisans . On June 16 at 10 am to 4 pm Dasu Suresh called up for fasting in the district – constituency – zonal centers and villages.

Dasu Suresh told the media that the state government was neglecting the development of BCs. During the last 6 years, 12 BC caste federations have not been able to grant subsidy loans through Waddera, Rajaka, Nai Brahmana, Uppara, Batraju, Pusala, Vishwa Brahmana Saliwana, Medari, tailor, Valmiki, Gita and federations. It is criticized that these federations were made as ceremonial statues during this 6-year period. It is criticized that the caste leadership is being suppressed by the governing bodies for the federations.

Saloon workers fear of corona, people are not coming to the hair cutting salons. No clothes washed by the washerman . The tailor did not ask for clothes, nor did the jewelery shops get gold. There is no construction work or work for the salt and muddy caste. Fishermen workers are not selling fish, people are not coming forward to drink the toddy in villages .Weavers are unable to sell sell the clothes of the handloom workers. With this, the artisans and the caste occupations are at risk of starvation due to financial difficulties during the Carona Crisis.,and the BC Assn urging Govt to announce a special economic package immediately.

Subsidy loans to BC Corporation for Rs. Demanded a budget of Rs.10,000 crore. As well as cottages – handicrafts, servicemen, naibrahmans, famers, blacksmiths, pottery, carpenters, ausali cosmic brahmana, salparis, seminars, beads, bridesmaids, weavers, strippers, forefathers, mudirajas, fishermen, fishermen, fishermen The Kulas have appealed to them to give financial assistance of 20 thousand to each family.

Recently, the central government announced a financial package of 21 trillion rupees. Das Suresh appealed for a grant from the Union government to announce the applications for self-employment schemes taken up by BC Corporation. He asked the central government to send every footprint.

While the neighboring states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat are providing financial support to the caste-based family of 10-15 thousand, Das Suresh’s family has expressed regret that the Telangana government has not come forward to help BC caste professionals at all. They were requested to pay a financial package of Rs.

Despite the budgetary impetus for irrigation project contractors and other contractors to allocate Rs. If the BC does not fight, the development of the BCs could fall

The event was attended by Nayi Brahmin Union State President Rachakonda Vitteshwar, Local Senior BC Leaders Vemula Vishnu, Alsa Bhadraya, Rajya Sabha State President Chaparti Kumara Swamy Rajaka, Senior Journalists Adepu Sampath, Teachers Union Former Presidents Kondla Subhash and Young Leaders

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