AamerJaveed Contesting TS Youth Cong Election.

…Aamer Javeed contesting the Telangana State Youth Congress Election and his state Serial No Is 108

Aamer Said “Our state’s youth has paid the heaviest price for misgovernance by TRS. Every sector – from education to health – has taken a big hit owing to policy paralysis in the face of a pandemic.” He added “The government has done nothing to allay the concerns of our youth who are staring at involuntary gap years in academics and a very uncertain job market.”

He says that, he sees it as his.duty to do everything I in his power to raise his voice for our country’s youth Contesting this election is a step towards joining a movement that calls for proactive government action, emergency and long-term plans for the benefit of youth said Aamer Javeed.

He thanked all for the continued support and encouragement, which has been one of the biggest driving forces behind all his endeavours.

He said he need the support of the people to succeed in my candidature for the leadership of Telangana State Youth Congress.

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