Dr.Fazalullah Khan, (M K FAZAL), Chairman & Managing Editor of Journalist Eye.com. Mr.Fazal has very vast experience of working in the print and electronic media since the time when there was no Telugu Satellite News channel except DD News. He started working for SITI Cable which became the first of its kind providing live Telugu News in 1997 and because of Mr.Fazal’s hard work, commitment, dedication and endeavours I&PR Commissioner issued him State Level Accreditation Card in 1997. Mr.Fazal joined TV9 in 2004 and continued till 2016., Mr.Fazal came out of TV 9. and has been working as the Editor of monthly Political Magazine PRAJA GALAM. Mr.Fazal also worked as an input editor for Prime 9 News.
THE JOURNALISTEYE.COM: The basic object of the JOURNALISTEYE.COM is to serve robust and high quality news from every corner of India and relevant global news. The Journalisteye.com is part of the Elite Media House. The Journalisteye.com brings you curate top stories, live and on-demand videos and personalization, free of charge. News, analysis from the Asia, Middle East & worldwide, multimedia & interactive, opinions, documentaries, podcasts, long reads, broadcast schedule, Current news headlines on politics, business, science, culture and more. The Journalisteye.com focus on people and events that affect people’s lives. The Journalisteye.com bring topics and issues to light that often go under-reported, unreported, listening to all sides with extensive ground report.
THE ELITE MEDIA: Elite Media House, which is an Indian-based 24/7 Media Production/ Broadcasting/Monitoring and Research Company, started by Mr.Fazal. The Elite Media House gives you the most comprehensive integrated media intelligence solutions across all media. We provide the essential intelligence you need to know about your perfect spot burning on the TV, Radio and Cable, spot deviation, extra mileage from media etc.
The Elite Media House provides solution in the field of media Monitoring/Production/Broadcast, Media audit and Competitive bench marking. Monitoring team keeps an expert eye round the clock to save cost of our valued partners in faulty, deviated and drop spots.