All political parties are same coin with two facet and talk many things about minority issues

The Rayachoti, kadapa Dist is facing unfair deal in wakf properties by the YSRCP govt,  The masjid property is about 12, 5 acres which had been acquired by the govt itself long back and now is an idle land and no attention given so far to develop this acquired land,  as per the existing rules if acquired land could not be utilized for the purpose for which it had acquired then it should be handed over to its original owner only but unfortunately said new rule  has introduced in 2015 or 2016  ,  the actual aim is that to protect the interest of development,  if we say that and it is govt duty to handed over the acquired land in case of wakf property even though if it was acquired long back , it is govt responsibility to deal with fair and frank way in minority issues ,  and community has been raising this issue with the concerned Govt since long back , but no govt is bothered to entertain our legitimate demand till date, consequently the TDP Govt in its last breath tried to resolve the issue by denomination of the 4 acres land to the masjid, and the community people also agreed for the same, unfortunately the YSR people stopped the process because they wanted to take its credit on their name , when they came into power and also announced by the honble CM sir, about 4 acres land denomination in public meeting,   Do u know?   till date nothing has been changed in fact  they also  failed in their own  promise , I would like to submit that the all political parties are same coin with two facet and talk many things about minority issues very loudly , practical implementation is not yet done fairly,  they are failed to implement except few  non constructive things ,  obviously they don’t want to fulfill their own promises for upliftment of the community,                    The BJP is an open enemy and other political parties are also same   but reflected in a conceal way . This is the only biggest difference.  The fate of community is always at stake but who suppose to be bothered , ?   Remain a big question mark for everyone. We had expected a lot from the Ysr govt .   Being mutually , being educated people , being intellectual , being ulma ekram,  being general public and being minority leaders plz raise our issue through all sort of platform, like social media and print media etc, it is my humble submission with u people.      – Dr Hussaini , Rayachoti.

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