AP Legislative Assembly Sessions From June 16th

Andhra Pradesh Government has Decided to hold Legislative Assembly Sessons From Juned 16th. Legislative Secretariat on Thursday Released Schedule For the Sessions.

As per the Notification, A Joint Session of Legislative Assembly And Legislative Council Will be arranged at 10am on June 16th.

In view of the prevailing pandemic covid 19, it is informed that the Governor will address the Legislature through Video Conferencing and Members shall attend the Address.

Legislative Assembly And Legislative Council’s Business Advisory Committees Will Meet After Governor’s Address and take a decision on How many to Run the Houses.

The State Government is planning to place the budget proposals for the remaining nine months of the Financial Year 2020-21 on June 18th. And there may be a Chance to Approve the Same on Same Day.

On 19th, Legislators will excercise their Vote in Rajya Sabha Elections as per the Schedule.

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