AP Speaker’s comments unconstitutional and derogatory: TDP MP

AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar on Friday accused AP Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram of violating the Constitution by making derogatory comments against the orders of the courts and the functioning of the judiciary.

The TDP MP told the Speaker to recognise the fact that the Constitution was supreme over and above the legislature, judiciary and executive. In the BR Kapoor Vs Tamil Nadu Government case, the Supreme Court said the Constitution is supreme and it prevails over the will of people that is expressed through the majority party Government.

Addressing a press conference here, Ravindra Kumar termed it as derogatory for the Speaker to suggest that the judges were interfering with the Government’s functioning and that the majority was not allowed to implement its policies. It was unconstitutional for Sitaram to suggest that the courts may rule by itself instead of interfering with the Government. Being in a constitutional post, the Speaker was making irrational comments and he should engage experts to learn what safeguards were provided in the Constitution against undemocratic activities of any kind.

The TDP MP said the Apex Court had clearly said in the Tamil Nadu ex CM Jayalalitaa’s case that the elected governments should be bound by the Constitution. The courts would take cognisance of the Constitutional violations and set them right wherever necessary. Contrary to this spirit, the ruling YCP leaders were committing lots of undemocratic activities and, when the courts intervened, they were not hesitating to pass defamatory comments even against the judges.

Welcoming the Speaker’s demand for a debate on limitations of the courts, Mr. Ravindra Kumar said the TDP would take part if the debate would be bound by the Constitution and its Articles that safeguard the equality, liberty, freedom of speech and expression, protection of life and property and so on. While giving lots of powers, the Constitution has also laid down duties and boundaries for the legislature, judiciary and executive. The debate should deliberate on all these aspects in the context of unchecked constitutional violations in Andhra Pradesh under YCP regime. In just over a year, the courts found fault with Jagan Reddy Government over 69 times.

Ravindra Kumar told the Speaker that the courts were cancelling orders of Jagan rule just because they were in violation of various Articles in the Constitution. Instead of correcting their mistakes, the ruling party leaders were launching counter attacks and even defaming the judges and the courts. Though the High Court issues notices to many persons for their derogatory social media comments, Jagan regime has not taken any action till now.

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