Are there laws and justice in the stateBandulal questioned Chief Minister

Hyderabad, August13:: Senior congress leader and Telangana Pradesh congress commitee secretary Bandulal said
There is nothing wrong with the siege of the Pragati Bhavan by Balamoori venkat NSUI chief

He said thatTelangana government is preparing for the PG entrance one side Covid booming in Telangana. Protesters were subject to ICMR precautions to safely wear PPE kits. The young people who were angry , sleeping the Chief Minister’s at Farm House, who was supposed to support him in times of disaster, will turn around
Congress leader said that strongly condemn this move as it is not appropriate to remand the besieged leaders. Leaders of the NSUI student body have been remanded in custody for several days in connection with the siege of the Union Territory.
Bandulal lashed out Chief Minister
When justice was done then it is also justice now. This is a testament to the dynamism of the people. He wrote a letter to the President saying that if injustice was done to a citizen in a neighboring state, he would become a Naxalite. Do not bring those conditions into our state. Think of the people who persevered to make your son chief minister anyway. Otherwise people will snatch your seat also he warned

Bandulal blamed that it is no secret that the state of Telangana has been lagging behind on testing by
a huge margin. Not just testing, but the level of transparency that the state is maintaining with respect to the situation of Coronavirus is also very low.

Bandulal recolleted higher court verdicts Telangana government has been given several warnings by the High Court of the state as well, with respect to the way it has been handling the situation of Novel Coronavirus in the state. However, the state government has repeatedly ignored these warnings too.

Congress leader calling out the state for its inadequacies, it is now to be seen what the state will do.

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