Balmoori fired on miscaluclation Of covid19 death toll

Hyderabad, July26::NSUI president Balamoori Venkat fired over the declining corona death toll Venkat reveals about hospitals reducing death toll

He alleged thatThe government is making false calculations on deaths. And alsoThe number of bodies being cremated at the cemetery is high.He added

But the government says the death toll is lower but actual figures it is not matching.He alleged that the number of hospitals is being reduced as per the government directions Covid effect on the heart and lungs Most people are dying.

But death reports state that the cause of death is natural actual reason was Covid death he fired
Corona factor deaths are also shown as normal deaths. He stated

But the cremation of the dead bodies is being done according to the covid rules The same is happening in all government and private hospitals.

Venkat showed evidence of death certificates issued by various hospitals.
He warned that.The state will become a graveyard if the calculations are reduced without taking corona preventive measures.

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