BJP government is a working behalf of farmers BJP national vice president DK Aruna

Hyderabad, Oct 14::BJP National Vice President DK Aruna said that the BJP government is on the side of the farmers and the central government has passed a new agriculture bill with the intention of making the farmers economically prosperous and consolidate in terms of economically
Farmers were taken from Telangana to Raichur district in Karnataka state to sell their harvested grain, cotton etc. at the Nandinne check post within the Katidoddi zone of Gadwala district She said

She welcomed the new agricultural policy, the farmers market was at take awaywave the flag of crops that have been set up during the meeting of the DK.Aruna addressed the media about the farmers.

She recalled that the BJP government was on the side of the farmers and the central government had implemented a number of welfare schemes on behalf of the farmers with the aim of making them economically prosperous. She assured the TRS government of encouraging the system to oppose the agriculture bill.
She warned the TRS government not to mislead the farmers. Suggested. The event was attended by a large number of local BJP leaders, activists and farmers.

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