Breast cancer … a woman who fought with Covid 19 at the same time

A Patient, by name Peddipudi Chaitanya, female, age 31 yrs, from Jettipalem, Srikalahasthi Mandal, Chittoor District visited the hospital with huge left breast tumour. As per the hospital protocol the patient was tested for Covid-19. The test result was Covid-19 positive. Then the patient was kept in isolation room and treated for Covid-19.
Once the Covid -19 result was negative (after reinvestigation) the patient was planned for surgery. Though the patient was very sick because of the size of tumour and her mal-nutrition, the decision was taken to go with surgery. As the condition was deteriorating and she was requiring immediate surgery the consent was taken from the patient and relatives. The patient was resuscitated and operated and the entire tumour was removed and with reconstruction by the plastic surgeon and the wound was closed.
The patient was then shifted to Surgical ICU and patient had already presence of sepsis before surgery and was given proper antibiotics , the same was continued Post Operatively
She remained sick for 2-3 days and then started improving . Once she improccve she was shifted to ward and Tomorrow i.e., 21/10/2020 planning to discharge .
The entire team of surgeons headed by Dr C.K.Naidu and Dr T.S. Rao along with anaesthesia team headed by Dr Basanth Rayani and Dr Vibhavari Naik were involved in the total surgery and Post operative Care
The patient expressed very satisfaction with the services of the Doctors and Management.
Sri Nandamuri Balakrishna Garu, Chairman of Basavatarakam Indo American cancer hospital praised the team of Doctors and management for their dedicated services
The chairman has told that the entry treatment cost will be borne by the hospital

The entire treatment that costed around 15 lacs was given completely free as the patient is poor and not in a position to bear the cost.

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