STOP SLAUGHTERING PREGNANT COWS TO PRODUCE COVID-19 VACCINE WHAT IS FETAL BOVINE SERUM? Fetal Bovine Serum is a medium used in the production of many vaccines and is currently being used for... Read more »

Role of Magnesium to ensure proper activation of Vitamin D in the Body

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D known as the “sunshine vitamin,” forms in our bodies when we are exposed to UV rays from the sun, especially,to the early morning sun. Vitamin D... Read more »
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Masjid-e Nabawi : Some little known facts

By Asad Mirza Every year millions of Muslims from across the world visit the Holy Mosque in Madina, popularly known as Masjid-e Nabawi. The visit embodies their love and respect for the... Read more »


👉5D 5D (5 DRUGS for 5 DAYS) 1. IVERMECTIN 12mg OD 5 days 2. DOXYCYLINE 100mg BD 5 days 3. ZINC 50 mg OD 5 days 4. MONTEK-LC OD 8pm 5 days... Read more »

Aster Prime Hospitals has introduced special weight loss packages

In order to focus on Over Weight and Obesity that is said to be playing a key role in acquiring various life style diseases, Aster Prime Hospitals at Ameerpet has introduced special... Read more »

Do anyone in India know this piece of history?

Answer must be a firm “No” from most of us! Now please read on. Remembered in Japan, forgotten in India…….. The day was 12 November, 1948. Tokyo Trials are going on in... Read more »

What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables”

If the common man belonging to the servile classes in India is today so fallen, so degraded, so devoid of hope or ambition, it is entirely due to the Brahmins and their... Read more »

“I will not have a stroke.” Take a stand. Make small changes to improve your brain function and prevent stroke

Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and more people die because of stroke than because of other diseases put together. However, the heaviest burden incurred by stroke is not... Read more »

“Time is brain” in stroke The earlier the treatment, the better the recovery

Stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide and the second leading cause of death, but almost all strokes could be prevented.  Stroke can cause permanent damage, including partial paralysis and impairment... Read more »


According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie met one day. The Lie said to the Truth: “It’s a marvellous day today”! The Truth looked up to the skies... Read more »