Centenaries and national and international historical milestones comes once in a lifetime

Centenaries and national and international historical milestones comes once in a lifetime. This year and next year and next year we are traversing in the road of such three milestones in our lives.

The first is 150 th Mahatma Gandhi’s UTSAV, this year is [email protected], year after next year that is on August 15 th 2021 would be entering [email protected] These are lifetime occasions, milestones of the human trajectory, provides us to have a mid-course view and offers guideposts to reflect on our personal and societal systems, institutions and paradigms.

This is the occasion to introvert to find a value compass, create our route map in the prevailing global pandamic, climate change, economic decline, pollution, poverty and population. These are some of the global concerns that should be addressed with a cultural transformation and healing.

India’s location, position, demographic , democratic and diverse and inclusive heritage gives a unique locus to hold a beacon of light to provide that value compass. Now there global governance moral leadership deficiency.

India has it’s inherent experiences, insights and ideas from Goutam Buddha, Samrat Ashoka, Mahavir Jain, Gurunanak, Basavanna, Narayana Guru, Vemana, Nagarjuna, Jiddu Krishna Murthy. Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Phule, Ambedkar, Baba Amte to our Kailash Vidhyardhi are just a representative few.

We all collectively and collaboratively can create value compass for a sustainable, healthier, happier, inclusive, richer, greener future for all.

Iam curating,writing, visualising and producing a series on cultural transformation for sustainable, healthier and happier future.

I call for help to jot down your voice and notes to compile a comprehensive compendium on insights for cultural transformation that includes but not limited to limitations of the earth, consumerism, healthier and happier behaviours, mindset and political, societal, economic, cultural, Technological, regulatory, environmental, security and safety of biodiversity etc.

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