CM Jagan has a ‘use and throw attitude’: TDP

AMARAVATI: TDP Politburo member Varla Ramaiah on Saturday said that the Chief Minister was practising a ‘use and throw’ attitude towards the same bureaucrats who dreamt of seeing him as the CM while he was in Opposition.

Ramaiah said that former Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam literally prayed for Jagan Reddy to become the CM. But after coming to power, Jagan illtreated him and gave him a dishonourable removal from the CS post.

Taking to Twitter, the TDP leader listed out several instances to prove that CM Jagan has the habit of targetting the very people who supported and helped him to become CM. Ajay Kallam worked for YCP victory, thinking that he would be able to harass the TDP leaders if Jagan Reddy became CM. The scene has reversed now. Kallam’s wings were clipped and he was reduced to being a mere figurehead in the Chief Minister’s Office.

Ramaiah said Kallam no longer has any time for ill will against the Opposition as he is more concerned with his position declining in his own favourite party government. The same was the case with PV Ramesh. He received a setback with Jagan Reddy breaking his promise and setting Ramesh aside by ignoring his services in the past.

The TDP leader told CM Jagan that he had undoubtedly used all those bureaucrats and now threw them away within an year of rule. What more, Ramaiah said that Jagan Reddy had even ignored doing justice to his own uncle Vivekananda Reddy despite the fact that he sacrificed his MP seat for the CM in the past. The CM did not care to get the persons guilty of Viveka murder arrested even after 13 months passed since coming to power. This ‘use and throw’ attitude has demotivated one and all in the State and it is harming AP future greatly.

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