Consider this situation when schools open..

Day 1- schools open and children walk in along with complete staff

Day 2- all children are happy and just learning to keep distance but still forget and come close to each other

Day 3&4- Saturday Sunday holidays

Day 5- one child in a random class sneezes / coughs. Panic hits and immdtly that child is isolated and parents are asked to come and pick the child. Child needs to be tested for symptoms along with parents, maids of that house, the maids family, classroom children, all teachers and staff including transportation if considered and evaluation of every touch point begins. PMC comes to ensure school is closed for 2-3 weeks.

Day 6- school closed and everyone running around (or maybe quarentined) to get the required tests done. Parents cannot go to work for 20 days. School cannot open until PMC allows.

Day 25 from the day of school opening – sanitisation done once again before permissions are recvd to start school.

Day 26- one child shows symptoms of tiredness and mild temperature. Once again everyone repeats the day 5 scenario.

My questions here are –
1. Who will bare the cost of each covid test for the child, parent, school staff and all other school children?
2. Can schools run with so many holidays and breaks each time?
3. Are companies going to allow their employees to keep working from home on and off everytime a case is called out in their child’s school?
4. Who takes responsibility for a fatal covid situation to a child coz pointing fingers at each other is something everyone will be good at doing? Some will blame the school, some will blame the public place the child visited, some will blame the govt and we will all keep going in circles.

My biggest question of all is, if our future generation is to live without fear then what are the ways in which we can keep things safe (not over protected) for them.

Even if there is a .01% chance of Covid infection, then are will still willing to take the risk. A pandemic kills lakhs within a short period of time. Inspite of vaccines for chicken pox, measles, brain fever, etc we still are scared of it even when these weren’t pandemics.

“*Think before you send children to school *“They are not testing kits “

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