Corona Fear! Chandrababu will not come out of Hyderabad

Corona fear has gripped entire world and that is known for all. But there is one family in this entire world that has been suffering from this fear at peaks. That’s Naidu and his son Lokesh.

It sounds exaggerated to say this but observing the current situation and getting the feelers from inside sources, we tend to believe that

Coronavirus has gripped both Babu and Lokesh in an unbelievable degree.

A reliable source says that Babu and Lokesh have decided not to move out from Hyderabad until the Coronavirus vaccine is invented. It seems that they have been enquiring about the updates regarding vaccine every day.

Chandrababu is worried that if someone sends any corona patients to him deliberately, it may be difficult for him to survive based on his age once he gets infected.

It is surprising that Naidu is so afraid of his life while Vijaysai Reddy who is also an aged person is moving so freely from Hyderabad to Vizag.

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