Dharani system nowhere  across the country is it necessary Implementation in telangana :Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad, October 8::T.Jagga Reddy,sanga Reddy Congress lagislator addressed the Media at assembly media point onThursday.Regarding Details of public property are in the registration offices Possibility of having problems with a private app called Dharani There are many suspicious in the collection of property detailsJagga Reddy asked straight forward Dharani system nowhere  across the country is it necessary Implementation in Telangana jagga Reddy asked the question “Does the government listen to what people says Do people listen to what the government says “Past governments set up committees and took views  When enacting new legislation. but here it is going monarch ruling  Jagga Reddy blamed CM KCR

He cited one example The then CM Kiran Kumar set up a subcommittee when the law was brought on the SC and ST sub-planWhy the government did not take views for the collection of details of Dharani app assets. He added Jagga reddy expressed his anguish Members of Congress were not allocating time to speak in the  Assembly.Sangareddy people do not trust Dharani appThere are suspicious that the private landlord app is taking loans on public property,Asset details are already secure It would be ideal for everyone to put the details of CM, Ministers, MLAs, IAS, IPS officers in DharaniHow to show assets bought by merchants with black money Does the government have any answers to these he asked a He said that  Asking for property details?  Why not ask for debt details

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