Dubbaka bye elections causing confusion For Harish confidence

Hyderabad Oct 1::Dubaka is scheduled for the bye election. Polling will take place on the November 3.All political parties are in a rush. However,the ruling TRS is in a bit of a rush.If the result of that bye-election makes a difference.TRS seems to be concerned that the overall negative trend will start.Harish Rao, popularly known as ‘Trouble Shooter’, is touring every village and corners to take charge of the bye-elections.Before the arrival of the schedule.He also started the campaign.The candidate himself is being harassed forever. Seeing Harish Rao working so seriously .. the general opinion is forming that there is nothing so easy for TRS in Dubbaka.
It is usually to the advantage of the ruling party in bye-elections.There can be no doubt about that.In the case of TRS there is a solid track record in the bye-elections. Win with the most overwhelming majorities.Over is currently coming through the death of Dubaka bye-election MLA. Sympathy also comes together.In the midst of all this, the TRS, which is playing elections and singing, is getting upset.During the last six years of his rule, Harish Rao is not only hoping to give all the benefits to the people once the elections are over.

In fact, TRS leaders also predict that the situation in Dubbaka will not be as easy as expected.There is a stable vote bank for the Congress party.BJP leader Raghunandan Rao has been working as a dubbing center for a long time.He formed a village cadre. The competition for tickets on the TRS is fierce. Dubbaka means.Formerly known as Cheruku Muthyam Reddy.His son is asking for the TRS ticket.If not.if there is no party, they will contest as Independents. Opposition to the six-year-old government has continued to grow. All this.There is a discussion going on that Harish Rao is in confusion on Dubbaka bye-elections

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