False calculations of Covid deaths in Telangana

Government ignores ICMR guidelines

Letter from TPCC Secretary Bandulal jamalpur to the Governor

Hyderabad, July28::PCC secretary Bandulal has written a letter to the state governor alleging that the Telangana state government, which had reprimanded the high court for failing to prevent corona during the Covid tests, was misrepresenting Covid’s deaths.

Bandulal asserted the state government was completely flouting the ICMR guidelines by registering false figures of fatalities.

Section 2.(4 )of the guidelines issued by the ICMR on the registration of Covid deaths very clearly explains the importance of registering each Covid 19 positive death, on the basis of which studies on the symptoms, prevalence, prevention, control and treatment of Covid in the world are conducted.

Although the primary cause of death is not the covid the letter states that it is clear in Section 3 of the ICMR guidelines that every person infected with Covid 19 must register a death and that the government will ignore them.he said

Hundreds of coviddeaths per day occur in the state showing just under 10. In Hyderabad alone, 50 bodies are secretly cremated every day. Covid joked that hiding deaths and cremating corpses was a vicious act rather than a brawl.

In addition to many organizations such as “Doctors for Service”, various newspapers, channels, and relatives of the deceased have revealed a number of pieces of evidence, claiming that the government’s lack of transparency is a damned act. He alleged

Since the Chief Minister of the state does not respond, on
Covid cases asked the governor to issue orders to register 19 deaths as per ICMR guidelines. He asked

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