Fatima Masjid, Brindavan Colony, Shaikpet Division to provide bathing service (Ghusl Khana) to dead !

The managing committee of the Masjid Fatima at Brindavan Colony, Shaikpet has decided to provide the facility to wash dead bodies within the mosque premises. It will be a free-of-cost facility extended to all deserving Muslims. The committee has constructed a ‘Ghusul Khana-e-Mayyat’ with modern facilities for washing and shrouding of bodies before they are taken to the graveyard for burial.

Janab Mannan Saab & Janab Zubair Saab, of the managing committee, Fatima masjid said, “Many Muslims are not able to perform the Ghusul (washing of the dead body), for their near and dear ones when they die, at their homes due to lack of space. In many apartment complexes, other residents raise objections. In such circumstances, it becomes very difficult to wash the dead bodies.”

AIMIM Shaikpet Corporator Janab Rashed Farazuddin oversaw the efforts of masjid committee today afternoon. Corporator requested all the residents of the near by localities from Shaikpet to available these services.

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