Foundation to Ram Temple at Ayodya on the debris of Babri-Masjid

Time will not stop here (5th August, 2020 – Foundation to Ram Temple at Ayodya on the debris of Babri-Masjid)
India had great ancient civilization with well civilized towns built by Harappans which were destroyed by Aryans, the nomads who came from Middle Asia. Aryans created Vedic culture with Vedas, Upanishads, Puranasa and Itihasas to which Gauthama Budha.. revolted. On the basis Buddha’s ethos, Ashoka ruled India and became the greatest King in Ancient India. But as Mauryan empire was destroyed, later kingdoms tried to establish Vedic culture again. Gupta period became as golden age (Swarnayuga) and Samudra Gupta became the Greatest King for some orientation…
Later Muslims came to India ruled India around thousand years from the Slave dynasty to Mughal Dynasty. During the Muslim rule, many temples to which only Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas had the access at that time (Large sections of population – present BC, SC, STs didn’t have access to temples) were allegedly demolished. Meanwhile Many Buddhist structures were also damaged either by Muslims or by Hindu Kingdoms or by both. Then Christians/Britishers came to India and ruled around 200 years, united India as British India.
All these, Harappans, Aryans, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians contributed to India in various fields positively too. United India got Independence and ruled by Congress Party for nearly 70 years and allegedly followed appeasement policy towards Minorities especially towards Muslims and partially promoted Liberal, Socialist, Secular Democratic thought. Disappointed with Congress style of rule, Hindu consolidation movement started by Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) under leadership of Lal Kishan Advani against Babri-Masjid which was allegedly built by Muslim King Babar in the place of Ram-Temple at Ayodya and successfully demolished Babri-Masjid in 1992.
The Hindu consolidation movement reached its zenith in 2019 when BJP came to power at center second time successively under the leadership of Sri Naredra Modi.
Sri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India laid foundation for Sri Rama temple on the debris of Babri-Masjid on 5th August, 2020.
But time will not stop here, this trend may be continued for some time as India witnessed many twists in its history. In future, India may be ruled by Phule-Ambedkarites and Communists too. Then new legacy may be established. Of course time will not stop there too.
Dr. M.A.Malik, Convenor, PAAS (Phule-Ambedkar Aalochana Samiti).

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