Gandhi family is strength to the Congress Party Congress legislator Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad,August24::TurupuJaggareddy legislator from sangareddy said in his press releaseGandhi family should continue as AICC president, there is no other alternative other than that

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are a strength to the Congress party,workers.Due to the leadership, the strength of the Congress party.
It is difficult to know who is the president other than the Gandhi family.

What is the point of writing a letter against a Gandhi family who has held many positions in the Congress party and is a senior and wants to give the presidency to a non-Gandhi family ? Legislator questioned

Although these 23 people are not leaders, the party has given good positions,and honoured themat this tough juncture this kind of activity
Revealing their loyality to party
Jagga Reddy lashed out the seniors

Action should be taken against the senior who is trying to split the party he appealed to the AICC

Should Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi be criticized by politically mature leaders with alms …

Sonia Gandhi is a woman who worked for a party who’s health was not cooperating,the 73-year-old Woman who has been working hard for the country, protecting Congress workers.

He recollected the Gandhi Nehuru
Families sacrifices.
Nehru was the first Prime Minister to bring many industrial and economic reforms to this country.
Also Nehru built huge irrigation projects for agricultural development.That is why India is developing in terms of agriculture.
The field of education has been greatly developed.Indira Gandhi nationalized banks and made them available to the poor.

Rajiv Gandhi developed the IT sector and led the country in terms of progress.Indira and Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed their lives for the integrity of the country.this is the history of the Gandhi family .He gives the elaborate explanation about the
Gandhi and Nehuru familyNo political party in the country has this much great history.he added

Should the leaders who grew up at the national level with such party politically, criticize the Gandhi family how far this is he expressed
His wonder

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