Gandhi Family leadership was an asset to the congress Party: Satyam srirangam

Hyderabad, August25:: The Congress Party senior leader and Telangana Pradesh congress commitee official Spokes person Satyam srirangam made it clear that the Gandhi family should lead the party at National level.He said that The party Leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were the strength were the party cadre and also said that the Gandhi Family asset to the party
In a statement srirangam made that clear , the party had to face problems other than the gandhi family headed the party
He expressed his shock senior leaders written the letter urging senior leaders to appoint non Gandhi family as party chief Reffing 23 leaders letter,who has written bitter opposing the leadership of the gandhi family.
Srirangam Satyam said that party has given that 23 leaders too many opportunities in the party as well as despite the fact that they are not charismatic figures
He demanded that stern disciplinary actions on senior leaders who were trying to get the split
He made it clear that Sonia gandhi had led the party despite her I’ll health and added that she was protecting the party at the age of 73
He said that first prime minister of the country jawahar Lal Nehuru had intordueced several reforms in the country he also said that nehru had built several irrigation projects for the devolopment of agriculture sector in the country and also said that his daughter first lady prime Minister Indira Gandhi nationalized the banks
He said that son of indiraformer pm Rajiv Gandhi has brought several reforms ,made a revolutionary it sector and Human resources.

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