Government Playing with the lives of the people in the disaster :Dasu Suresh

Hyderabad,July 24:: National BC Welfare Association spokesperson Dasu Suresh demanded Official events should be completely ban for two to three months due to Covid rapid increasing

suresh appealed to theChief Minister KCR to immediately cancel all official functions in Telangana due to Covid Health Emergency.

Dasu Suresh said the Constitution of India stipulates that the government should bear the full cost of such private or corporate hospitals if corona or other diseases are transmitted to an MLA or MLC, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha member or former member through official functions. But the government was directly questioned as to who would be responsible if the innocent common people infected for themselves, their families and thus the society as they became partners in such official activities. He added

Dasu Suresh was indignant that the Telangana government was inadvertently manipulating all official functions like Kondapochamma Sagar Inaguration, Harithaharam and Neera Cafe in the recent past and endangering the health of the people. He cautioned

Dasu Suresh said it was completely objectionable for the government to take public action to divert public attention from the fact that the number of positive cases of corona in an adjoining state exceeds 50 lakhs.

Dasu suresh told mediapersons that the National BC Welfare Association wants the government to take steps for full public health care without taking any official action in the next two to three months in the wake of the corona depletion in the state.

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