AP Govt neglecting unreported COVID cases: TDP

AMARAVATI: TDP senior leader Nagul Meera on Friday expressed concern over the ‘lack of proper preventive measures and response’ from the YCP Government to rescue the people of Andhra Pradesh from the increased threat of Coronavirus epidemic.

Meera said that the Government reported a total of 28,000 cases as on today but the actual figure would be 10 times more considering the large number of patients still going unreported.

Addressing a press conference, the TDP leader deplored that there was lot of confusion among the common public as to where to go for Covid tests and its treatment if anyone suffers from high temperature for more than three days. Even the test results from private and government laboratories are not matching. One person in Vijayawada One Town tested positive at a private lab but he was denied admission in government hospital saying his sample was negative. But that person was still suffering from fever for more than three days and has breathing difficulty.

Meera slammed the government for ‘not ensuring’ nutritious food for virus patients. The non-payment of bills to the contractors has created a crisis there. On the other hand, the Government Doctors Association was complaining of ill-treatment even though they were rendering genuine service regardless of the Covid threat. The number of doctors needs to be increased. Instead of resolving such crucial issues, CM Jagan Reddy seemed to be content with a little welfare focus and nothing else.

Stating that the general public were now wishing for Chandrababu Naidu as CM at such a difficult time, Mr Meera said the YCP should at least begin proper focus on preventive measures now. There are reports that India will have 2.8 lakh Coronavirus cases per day soon. Concerns over airborne transmission are also rising. Common public need greater guidance on sanitation and required lifestyle changes. At such a time, it is not correct for CM to appear without face mask in public meetings.

Meera warned YCP that it cannot afford to continue its vengeful rule aimed to attack Chandrababu Naidu as the general public were already unhappy with Jagan Reddy administration. The same people, who gave 151 MLA seats, are now waiting for a chance to punish the YCP Government at the slightest opportunity. The manifold increase in current bills has also upset poor families, coolies, hawkers, plumbers, weavers and construction workers and others.


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