Great Leader  and People leader  Adress of the People Welfare: Dr YS

Hyderabad ,July8::The great leader and people leader, people welfare schemes creator  former chief minister of Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, Dr.YS. Rajeshkar Reddy occasion of 71st Birthday Anniversary in kukatpally constituency Prashanth Nagar Divison. spokes persons of TPCC satyam srirangam ,Pattola Nagi Reddy both  were particiapated and paid tributes to Graet leader  YS.Rajashekar Reddy in this programme

At this programme satyam srirangam addressed the gathering at prashanth nagar on Wednesday He said that  Rajashekar reddy was address of the commitment and adherence of word credibility he made the her surname in the united state he has implemented several people welfare schemes as a welfare care taker credit got Rajashekar Reddy  no other alternative to Chief minster. In the country Under the YSR regime, the state was on the rise. Revolutionary changes have taken place in all spheres. These government schemes are all eligible without discrimination.He was a rare man who sought social welfare and indelible smile until the last moment in his entire  life. The YSR claimed that his fame would remain a constant fiasco as long as there was a Telugu  nation . The  programme  was attended by Srikanth Patel, Krishna Rajput, Rajender, Krishna Chaitanya and other  Congress leaders.

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