Hafiz Akbar Hussaini Chishti … Hyderabadi Hajj story

A very Hyderabadi Hajj story. Hafiz Akbar Hussaini Chishti (d.1923), Bare Miyan, was the eldest son of Muhammad Shah Miyan Chishti Sabri and the grandson Hazrat Shah Khamosh. He worked as the Awwal Taluqdar in the Paigah Estate of Sir Asman Jah.

He had a reputation for being honest to the core and sincere in his dealings. It is said that he hardly missed his nafl and tahajjud prayers. He also memorized the Holy Qur’an at an advanced age and used to recite 10 juz each morning.

He had served as the leader of the Hyderabadi Hajj Caravan and took it upon himself the costs of providing food and water.

On another occasion the authorities in Hijaz suddenly imposed an exorbitant tax on Hajjis without any notice and the Hyderabadi pilgrims were on the verge of returning without completing the Hajj. When word reached Hyderabad Hafiz Akbar HUSSAINI Chishti immediately contributed Rs.5,000 to pay for the taxes.

He later on purchased a property at Afzal Gunj and endowed it for Madina Al Munawarrah. It’s monthly income in 1948 was Rs.1,000. He had also started a langar in the Holy City.

Many lessons to be learned from his story. It weren’t just the wealthy and the ruling elite who were generous.

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