Half a million sharks will have to be kill For covid vaccine

Hyderabad, Oct 1:: The Shark Support Group estimates that half a million sharks will have to be killed to make a covid vaccine that will terrorize the world.

Natural oil in sharks is used for covid vaccine.This oil is called squalene.Experts say that the use of this oil in the vaccine for the prevention of covid will help to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine.

It’s estimated that it would take about 3,000 sharks to catch a ton of squirrels.However, researchers say that shark demand is likely to increase depending on the size of the species.

Experts say that harvesting from wild animals will never be sustainable. Experts say three million sharks are killed each year for squalene.

Squalene is also used in cosmetic products. There are no fears that the species may become extinct by killing sharks for squalene.

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