Harish Rao is trying to retain his ministerial post: Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad,Oct19::Sanga Reddy lagislatorJaggareddy campaigned in Vemulaghat villageTogguta mandal consolidate vote Bank of congress Party,part and parcel of the Dubaka by-election campaign.

He said that Mallanna Sagar flood villages were wronged during the TRS regime.We will do justice to this loss when Congress comes to power.he assured behalf of the congress party

He Urged the vemulaghat people Congress party should show majority in Vemulaghat village.

Jagga Reddy mocked that Harish Rao is trying to retain his ministerial post, and Siddipet ticket.If Dubaka loses, Harish Rao will not be a minister or an MLA. He added

He pleaded to the vemulaghat people to resolve your problems, behalf of your constituency for questioning voice, vote for congress Party candidate Cheruku Srinivas Reddy

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