Hindu Mob attacks a youth, throws his turban in sewerage

New Delhi : A shocking video has emerged on social media in which a Hindu mob could be seen attacking a Sikh youth and pulling his hairs disrespectfully .

The incident occurred in Sherpur village of Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh on June 14, reported Sikh24.com.

The incident took place when two Sikh youths were passing through village Sherpur on June 14 when their car suddenly touched the car of another youth who is learned to be a resident of the same village.

Following this, heated exchange of arguments occurred between the two sides after which the local village youth called his clan members and attacked on Sikh youths.

To save his life from the mob , one of these Sikh youths took out his Kirpan to defend himself, but the locals called up police cops.

When police cops reached there, another Sikh youth went for verbal talk to settle down the quarrel, but the villagers launched attack on him in the presence of cops. The attackers removed his turban and threw it in nearby open sewerage. They also pulled hairs of Sikh youth during this attack.

After this incident, a wave of outrage spread across the Sikh community living in nearby areas. On June 15, local Sikhs of Gajraula and Dhanaura staged a protest outside the local police station seeking indictment of attackers

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