Hindutva supporters of Ram temple suffer defeat in Times Square, New York

New York : A coalition of American Muslim organization have announced that Branded Cities which runs the most prominent and respectable digital advertisement board for NASDAQ in Times Square have refused to run digital advertisements for the Hindu supremacist groups. This nationwide coalition of Muslim Organization for the Babri Masjid which includes Indian Minorities Advocacy Network- ImanNet, Justice for All, Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in India CAPI,North American Indian Muslim Association NAIMA, Islamic Circle of North America -Social Justice ICNASJ and The International Society for Peace and Justice .

Dennis Levine of Branded Cities conformed the decision to not run the advertisements and also reassured that Branded Cities and Nasdaq oppose the demolition of Babari masjid and will never allow any supremacist groups to run their advertisements.

Dr Shaik Ubaid, the President of ImanNet called this a great victory for pluralism, human rights and rule of law. He urged the US government to investigate the flow of funds between militant Hindutva supremacist groups in the US and India as well as the Hindutva attempts to infiltrate the US power centers

Earlier advocacy groups such as Justice for All and ImanNet had issued action alerts providing the contact information of executives of advertisement agencies

Iman Net has also been urging putting pressure on the mayor of New York, the City Council of a New York , the governor, senators and members of House of Representatives.

Dr Ubaid had urged for urgent action through the ImanNet action alert on August 1st which is reported below

“I need a few minutes of your time today to convert despair and sadness into contentment and victory. Hindutva terrorists and supremacists who have killed tens of thousands of Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, etc. are going to gloat in Times Square of New York City on August 5th. Instead of feeling sadness or despair we must use this opportunity to educate fellow Americans, especially the politicians and the advertisement agencies, demanding that these ads be dropped. Even if these advertisements are not dropped the overconfident act of Hindutva goons gives us an opportunity to educate influential Americans about the bloody history and bloodier aims of the RSS and it’s fronts like the VHP and Bajrang Dal.

Another Muslim group ‘Indian American Muslim Council’ also announced that they will be holding a press Meet to protestTimes Square celebration of Ram Temple event to be held in Ayodhya India on August 5.

Apart from this AIM (Association of Indian Muslims) Indian human rights organizations like Hindus for Human Rights and South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI), a New York-based political collective of volunteers, announced that it will hold a disruption protest against the showcasing of Hindu deity, Lord Ram images on Times Square billboards

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