How many People will Come Out of the Homes, if 10th Class Exams Started

How many People will Come Out of the Homes, if 10th Class Exams Started

1. Students : 5,40,000 approx.
2. Invigilators : 45,000 approx.
(1 invigilator & 12 Students per Room)
3. Centres Doubled to old: 5000
(Old Centres 2500 Approx)
4. Peons & Attenders :
5000×2.5 to 3 =12,000 to 15,000 approx.
5. Parents/Attendees : 2,50,000 approx.
6. Bus & Auto Drivers : 50,000 approx.
7. Watermen : 5000 approx.
8. CS : 5000
9. D.O.: 5000
10. CC: 5000
11. Police : 5000 to 7500
12. Health Workers: 10000.
13. School Watchman/SG: 5000
14. Apart from the above .. many other Personnel like MEOs & Squads, Squad Team including Drivers Etc will be on Duty.
15. Post office Personnel : 10,000 to 15,000.

Altogether we can expect 10 Lakhs above People will come out of their homes for 10th Exams.

I think, in view of the Situations Prevailing in the Country, the HC may not give Permission for exams for the Safety of the People.

Approx 2+ Lakhs Students belongs to GHMC!
All GHMC is in Red Zone.
Transport Problem for Rural Students,
Hotels are closed so Students may suffer for their Breakfasts,
Hot Summer in May month,
Holy month Ramazan also going on till 25th May.
Students do not have that much consciousness and awareness on Safety and Precautionary measures, they may not follow Social Distancing before and after Exams,
Masks may not be available for all.
Sanitizers may not be adequate.
Due to tension of Exam, many students reach the Centres early to 1 or 2 hours and they do not get breakfasts due to hotels bandh.

If 1 teacher/Invigilator or Student found +ve then entire Centre Need to be Quarantined immediately.
Students write exams in tensions.
Masks make uneasy and uncomfortable during the exams in hot summer.
In this way it will be problem for all, particularly Red Zone Schools /Students and Teachers?
I think HC may review it and may not permit.

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