How to boycott NPR?

How to boycott NPR?
Ans: 1)communication
Whole area or the mohalla must be ready to face the NPR enumerators.
2) keep each others contact details
3) when NPR enumerators come home, don’t deal with them alone.
4) keep informed all the area people, send kids to call all of them
5) all the area people make a human chain.
6) all must stay calm, no abuse, no Violence, no harsh talks
7) all the area people say together – we will not participate in NPR. We will not give any information, not even our names
8) form human chain and say all together- plz go back from here
9) no law or police can suppress or force you all to follow whatever they say.
10) do not break your human chain, till they walk out from your area.
11) * most important thing….this human chain must have all the residents including kids, men and women, old young all.
12) keep spreading this message to all as much as possible

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