If KTR true why NGT pointed Out: Indira shoban

Hyderabad June 7::Congress Tpcc spokesperson Indira shoban hot comments on the KTR form house,if Revanth Reddy  Allegations not true why NGT Has responded on irregularities She questioned and also asked Why your scaring and shievering.  She said that if not true Revanth Reddy remarks, what is the fact Reveal, and also lashed out ktr Team unnecessarily playing drama In front of the media.

Congress leader suggested KTR team, entire government buerocray In your hands why can’t you reaval the facts about farm house she asked. She blames ktr team every time countering to Revanth with base less allegations and wasting time. She alleged that at the time of separate state hood agitation. With out having single rupee
How they have earned illegal money, how they are looting people Money , people are observing she added.

She said. That if they respond On people problems people would Have been appreciate,she appeal to the people think about treacherous Ruling where it’s going people money.

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