If you woke up annoyed by your job, remember this…

Victoria’s Secret has declared bankruptcy.
Zara closed 1,200 stores.
Aldo closing 50% of their stores.
Chanel, Hermès and Rolex halted production. Nike is preparing for the second stage of the layoffs.
AirBnb CEO announced “It took Us 12 years to Build, and we lost everything in 6 weeks.
Starbucks announced the permanent closure of 400 stores. And the list continues…

Five months of this pandemic created a lot of debt, many of our friends and family are out of work, jobless, and tens of thousands of businesses are under bankruptcy protection.

If the company you work for continues, with no pay cuts or layoffs, treat it well. Put aside the daily complaints and lack of satisfaction, be grateful and responsible for what you have.

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