Immidiate Roll back on LRS G.O: Bandulal

Hyderabad,sep15::Telangana Pradesh Congress committee(TPCC) Secretary Jamalpur bandulal releasedThe press statement on Tuesday In the media statement , the TPCC secretary Bandulal opined that poor and middle class families are suffering due to LRS additional burden. In the statement , Bandulal sought immediate rollback on the LRS brought by the government. In this tough time required Welfare schemes but not additional burdens to the people.He urged the chief Minister K.Chandra shekar Rao

Bandulal questioned how the authorities allowed him to do ventures without permition.The Congress leader is of the view that it is not right to sacrifice the common man for the mistakes made by the authorities.

On thejul 31, the state government issued a G.O for regularization of lands.Opposition parties have stated people pockets are going empty in this particular he appealed to the Government treat this case humanitarian grounds on the people

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