In response to the invitation for rather an unusual REUNION of all time greats

Newton said he’d drop in.

Socrates said he’d think about it.

Ohm resisted the idea.

Boyle said he was under too much pressure.

Darwin said he’d wait to see what evolved.

Pierre and Marie Curie radiated enthusiasm.

Volta was electrified at the prospect.

Pavlov positively drooled at the thought.

Ampere was worried he wasn’t current enough though alternately none were.

Edison thought it would be illuminating.

Einstein said it would be relatively easy to attend.

Archimedes was buoyant at the thought.

Morse said, “I’ll be there on the dot. Can’t stop now, must dash.”

Hertz said he planned to attend with greater frequency in the future.

Wilbur Wright accepted, provided he and Orville could get a flight.

Aryabhatta said there were zero chances of him showing up.

Marconi said, he would listen to the report on wireless.

Pythagoras refused because he thought that the organisers were not looking at the reunion through the right angle.

In this situation how to have…a Re-Union

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