Indian-American Businessman Opens His Doors To Protestors

Rahul Dubey an Indian-American Businessman Opens His Doors To Protestors, Hailed As “Hero” In US

—An Indian-American businessman, who opened the doors of his home in Washington to over 70 people demonstrating against the custodial killing of George Flyod, has emerged as a hero after he helped some strangers, fed them and made sure they were safe in his house, according to US media reports.
The death of 46-year-old African-American Floyd last week in Minneapolis has led to one of the biggest civic unrest in the history of America.
Rahul Dubey, who has been living in Washington DC for the last 17 years, accommodated the large number of people in his house with some adjusting on the couch, some finding space in the rooms, while some were gratified to get rest even on the ledges of the bathtub.

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