Inefficient of TRS government. yesterday Hyderabad today warangal collapsed Chairperson,Campaigns Vijaya shanthi

Hyderabad, August 18::Veteran actress and Chairperson, CampaignsTelangana Pradesh Congress Committee Mrs.Vijaya Shanthi out looked on The latest incidents are proof that the Telangana state administration has failed miserably in all sectors.

She said howeverThey could not save Hyderabad, which would be inundated with showering. Now Warangal has also succumbed to government witchcraft absolutely inefficient of Telangana state government.yesterday Hyderabad
Today warangal collapsed
The recent bribes of crores of rupees show just how well the revenue system is working to stop land grabs.

Vijaya shanthi asserted thatThe Gandhi Hospital, which is also the most important treatment center in Telangana for the patient s, Gandhi hospital has been got fire several times, but the fire safety system seems to be not functioning properly accordingly routine like.

chairperson alleged thatThe covid treatment system is not at all functioningproved by the High Court Furnished several times notices pointed out government innitiative the collapse of both public and private hospitals governor allegations also she recalled.

Congress Leader said that There is nothing to be said about the dissatisfaction of front line runners doctors, nurses, lab technicians and sanitation workers with the government. and also said thatCrops, on the other hand, are in a dilemma of not being able to support at least some of the water-starved foodgrains. That being said, the KCR may have written a great deal on the administrative failure she critisized .

She asked the Chief Minister KCR Wake up now . Fix the administrative system.

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