Jagga Reddy lashes out TRS,Asad, Bandi Sanjay

Hyderabad, July25::Sanga Reddy MLATurupu Jagga Reddy lashes out at TRS government, MIM leaders Asaduddin and Akbaruddin

Chief Minister KCR never came to the Secretariat and haven’t done administration.Ministers do not come to the Secretariat and administer.Ministers have original chambers and that is not using by them

The administration that did not do it in the present secretariat does not understand what it will do in the new secretariat MLA questioned

If the temple is being demolished in the Secretariat, none of the MLAs, MLCs and Ministers will dare to question KCR. He pointed out

Even if the Home Minister is in the minority, he is silent if the mosque is being demolished.he said

If the mosque is demolished during the Congress rule, then Akabiruddin and Asaduddin have done the politicizeNow they are silent in support of KCR. He asked

In the past, if Asaduddin was laying the highway from Miyapur to Pathan cherukuri, the wall of the mosque would not have been demolished for the road.

If the Masjid is being demolished in the Secretariat, then why are they silent in support of KCRhe asked

Asaduddin made a habit of praising anyone those who are in government.He critisized
Previously Chandrababu and Rajasekhar Reddy are now KCR
Whoever is in power should be praised by the MIM party he added

People are struggling with Corono.
People will survive if Rs 500 crore is spent on coronation victims.
But KCR wants to build a new secretariat and go down in history
There is no sincerity towards the lives of the people.

TRS, BJP and MIM are three parties.It is called Hindutva Party but BJP is also talking about demolishing temple.

Why didn’t Bandi Sanjay hadn’tstop the demolition of the temple MLA questioned MIM parties are supporting KCR from behind and BJP from the front.he suspected  That You are doing politics in the name of religions just to survive. He Asserted

The time given to demolish the KCR Secretariat, temple, Masjid is not being given to the people who are struggling withCorono.God Himself will take care of all of you when the time comes.

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