Jagga Reddy termed as TRS government Sensation less government

Hyderabad, August 11::MLA Jaggareddy Assembly Media Point neglected of the people of Telangana in Pragati Bhavan
CM Ministers are holding meetings on the layout of bathrooms in the Secretariat.

the CM focused on the construction of the Secretariat without visiting Gandhi and district hospitals. If the Opposition is gossiping about the Corona the CM is not even annoyed he termed
as sensation less government.

The onus is on KCR as CM to prevent Corona in the state.This would not have been the case if Congress had been in power at the same time.

Before the election, if the farmer-insurance is given, the votes will be cast.Medical Minister Etela Rajender is a toy -the CM speaks whenever he gives the key.

In the coming days, if something goes wrong in the case of Covid, the CM will push on the Health Minister

Even if Rajender is a good man personally – the CM will not let the minister move Covid also kills superiors If the government does not respond to the Corona case – Congress will go to the people and fight seriously.

All TRS leaders are neglecting Covid19, and concentrating on the photos that are

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