Jamalpur slammed the Government attitude towards The Covid 19 in speak up Telangana programme

July18::The TPCC secretary, Jamalpur Bandulal while participating in the Congress party-led Speakup Telangana program, slammed the government’s attitude towards the corona. The problems currently facing different sections of the people in the state, echoing the failures of the government, put clear demands before the government on behalf of the people.

Bandulal said thatToday, due to the negligence of the stategovernment, especially KCR’s stubbornness and incompetence, the corona epidemic has turned Hyderabad into a cosmopolitan city, Kovid Atom bomb
Congress leader said
In government hospitals, where the minimum facilities are not properly ventilated or BSNL employee Srikanth lost his wife, even in government hospitals today, many people still face such a situation.

Jamalpur saidPrivate hospitals are now charging Rs 1,50,000 a day, he said. But the same government wants to release GO.248 and charge Rs 2,200 for corona diagnostic test. At Rs 9,000, the private hospital owners have to provide all the facilities, including a three-times meal, a separate room with a ventilator and all other service charges.he said

But in reality, private hospitals are charging lakhs of rupees as opposed to G.O 248. The government, which has to try private hospitals and control the charges on behalf of the people, is acting as if it has down, ignoring the plight of the people.

The government, which is supposed to provide all the facilities to the doctors who handlingcorona treatment in government hospitals, is also playing havoc with the lives of the doctors by neglecting to provide them with at least a separate toilet facility.
He cited on the road protest in the past that all government doctors were not properly equipped and could not perform their job responsibilities properly.

He said the government’s focus on liquor sales and collection of high electricity bills but not was not on corona prevention he added

The Chief Minister should immediately leave his slumber and take immediate action to reduce the inflated electricity charges in case micro, small and medium enterprises are facing businesses or difficulties and to ensure that the owners of private schools, colleges and technical colleges pay full salaries to their employees as per Article 14 of G.O 45. For the year 2018-2019, 2019-2020, tuition fees, mess charges, fee reimbursement arrears were demanded to be released immediately.
They demanded that all examinations for students be abolished and passed on the basis of premerit, and that unemployment gratuity to be provided to the unemployed immediately.
He want to abolish taxes during the lockdown period to support the transport sector and play those who depend on artisans. It is advisable for dentists to provide adequate facilities to the medical staff.

demanded an increase in the number of covid 19 tests, free inclusion of all covid treatments in Arogyasree, better facilities in government hospitals, control over private hospitals and 50 per cent beds for the poor. He demanded Rs 10 lakh exgratia for the family of each person who died of coronavirus and Rs 50 lakh exgratiafor medical personnel who died of corona disease while on duty.

He said the Congress party, on behalf of the people, would fight with the government and stand in support of the people.

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