If they are eagerly waiting even for such little help, who is to be ashamed, they or we?

To all those people who hate Myanmar government and accuse them of being solely responsible for the deaths and despair of Rohingya community, I have few questions to ask​?

Who is responsible for them living among garbage even after 12 years of migration to India?

Who is responsible for the mothers and children sleeping in paper huts of merely Rs.4000?

Who is answerable for the pain of the parents who carry their sleeping children all night on their shoulders in flooded huts?

How do we sit idle when our community is breathing impure air of the city garbage dump?

Unclothed-children living among pigs and sludge, who will they stand against as witness?

Whom will the children blame for being raised with no access to education??

Let me pray… May you not be there among the accused.

My journey started from Kerala on 09th, August 2020. Considering the present situation, I set out on my bike, and now it has been one month and 2 days. On my journey I visited the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mathura (UP), Aligarh, Mewat, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Samba, and Jammu. In order to implement the projects I had to revisit certain camps. In one month I traveled 7500 kilometers.

90% of the people I met at camps were engaged in scrap-selling. I had a discussion with Rohingya’s of Bangalore in a mosque,I was told that they had constructed the mosque themselves in just Rs.3000. The costs of their houses were even below that amount. It was quite a pity. In Mathura, there were puddles all over that I could hardly walk without stepping in them. It is there I saw mothers holding their children on their shoulders all night so they could sleep, in their flooded homes. In Aligarh, I saw children living along with dirty pigs. In Faridabad, one could not distinguish their huts from the garbage.

Helpless people in Mewat cannot find a place to go as police officials threaten to move them from the rented rooms to camps. In Chandigarh, those who had been working in factories lost their jobs due to the lockdown. Despite this, they eagerly look for work and struggle to pay the rent. Those in Jaipur, plead for built-shelters in order to be free from paying rent. Moreover, I found children everywhere, with no access to education.

Just remember, we are only offering them a small shed of Rs.15,000. If they are eagerly waiting even for such little help, who is to be ashamed, they or we?

I think it’s a golden opportunity, not to protect them, but to lessen our feeling of guilt to an extent.

By spending Rs 15,000 you provide a family a home to sleep peacefully. There is an immediate need of 500 shelters. Please take the responsibility of at least one shelter, or donate as much as you can afford.

Let them stand straight!  Let the children breath fresh air!  May you receive reward by Almighty for your good deeds.

Dr Hashim Rifai  +91 9446440544  Chairman EduTrainers for Refugees

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