KCR changing The existing revenue system  to suit his political necessities: Bandulal

Hyderabad,sep16::Congress senior leader and Telangana Pradesh Congress committee (TPCC) secretaryJamalpur Bandulal strongly denounces on Wednesday in his media statement  the brazen unilateralism of CM KCR in scrapping the existing revenue system and changing it to suit his political necessities. KCR is acting like a dictator, not as a democratically elected head of a state Government.

He said that When making sweeping changes to a time tested institutional frame work, the best practice is to initiate thorough discussions with stake holders, opposition parties and Intellectuals through due process.

Bandulal said that  considers the sudden decisions to scrap VRO system, to stall the land registrations overnight, to  physically swoop on VRO’s to snatch land records, as unruly, hasty decisions taken with a selfish  political objective of recording his personal political legacy.

KCR is evidently trying to outsmart NTR’s reforms in revenue system, but only with a personal  political agenda. Bandulal demands reconsideration of these hasty decisions by CM KCR and  his government. If he were to excercise his power to reform the revenue system in the state,  he should do it responsibly following due process. and also  demands an expert committee to be set up for studying the intended systemic changes to revenue system, by including opposition parties, retired revenue officers and experts.

He said that Hastily passing these acts with brute majority in the State Assembly without proper Planning and exercise, can lead to a massive revenue administration disaster in the state.

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